Computer Navigation

Knee Replacement with Navigation “Accuracy with Technology”

Taking Knee Replacement Surgery to Next Level

Technology is making changes everywhere and is being used in replacement surgery.

Precise alignment and balancing of the knee implants is necessary for its long time survival, pain relief, and good movements.The computer controlled navigation machine helps to accurately define the axis and the angles so that new knee fits well and is placed within millimeters of desiredparameters. It reduces the chances of error. If the implants are not aligned well it leads to pain, poor function and early loosening and failure of the surgery. This technology has lead to an improvement in the precision factor of the surgery and made the results more predictable and reproducible.

Computer navigated knee replacement surgery has a number of benefits such as:

1. Minimal soft tissue dissection and as a consequence, there’s greater protection of muscle during the procedure which helps in early rehabilitation.

2. Bone cuts are more precise with greater accuracy and fit of the implant.

3. Ligament balancing is better which ensures longevity of the new knee.

4. It eliminates the need to place instruments inside the bone thereby decreasing bleeding.

5. In complex cases of deformity of bones due to old fracture, excessive bowing, and trauma implants such as plate and screws in place, traditional alignments systems are difficult to use. In these cases, computer navigated knee surgery is the most preferred.

The outcome is a better performance of the replaced knee, both in short and long-term.
Dr. Deepak Thakur
Consultant : Joint Replacement Unit